I have offered healing and guidance to people since 1995 and sparingly still do so from time to time.  Most of my work centers upon death, dying, and supporting people who have found themselves inside of variations of spontaneous kundalini awakenings.  I support not from a breadth of information gleaned…but from a breadth of direct experience.

On this site you can find poetry and other writings about my perspectives of spontaneous kundalini awakenings, love, God and the state of spiritual teaching here in the Western world.

Birds of the Universe

The rhythms of lifetimes
pull upon our karma
the way children do
at the playground,
and it is not yet
quite sunset…
go children, play a while longer
these hearts must grow stronger.

The vibration
that can’t be heard
runs electrical
lithe, potent and symmetrical
through all relationships
within our field
until we lay our lives down,
but that bed isn’t made yet,
and the ringing never stops.

The futility
of discarding our challenges
is like cutting down the tree of existence
with breath.
Why not climb instead friend?
Our spirits are, after all
the birds of the universe,
having landed upon the sweet, sweet
branch of Earth.

How many dances
are in each of us?
How many times
will we risk all for love?
How long will the rhythm
and vibration support
our wayward migration
into and out of form?

Build a nest
oh, bird of the universe
over and over again
for the season called existence
is neverending
and love awaits the patient.