Poem: As It Is, Just Fine

As It Is, Just Fine

I would not ask
for there to be more
in the night sky,
have I ever felt
that there were too damn many…
as it is in the heavens,
it is the same in my life…
I no longer argue with God
about luminosity,
we agree just fine.

I have no complaint
when standing under a waning
of too little brightness…
As that silvery sliver
makes me stand and deliver
a moving soliloquy to deep dark silence.

From me
the full moon
has never heard a prayer
for more darkness
as I danced with my shadow
upon a field at night
ablaze with her light.

When I see the angels
I offer them my arm
for one more dance.
As we wheel about
I never ask them
to change my fortune…
too much laughter
has a way of making us forget
but the most important things.

I have never met a tree
that was too tall
nor too short,
a hill that wasn’t tall enough,
or a mountain that was too close for comfort.

The grass is always green,
right where I am,
no matter how I am.
What would I manifest
if the power were mine?
Nothing.  For I love what God gives,
just fine.

About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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