Poem: Deep Ocean

Deep Ocean

I stand on the stern
knees and chest
against the wet edge.
Deck plates buckle,
gray sky watches,
dark water waits,
wind whips..
wind whistles.

So many ships,
more than I can count.
Why are they here,
in this maelstrom…
in the middle of nowhere?

I watch the bow’s cleave
foam fleck
straight into the trough,
dropping, dropping
deeper than anyone could want
and I feel the spirits
on deck
feel smaller.

As the proud ship
climbs the impossible angle
of the next wave
I can feel their fear lift.
Love gets larger
they feel
safer….up there
on the top…
don’t we all…until the next trough?

Don’t we all forget,
that our tumult
is nothing to the infinite?
Don’t we all forget
that down deep,
while the storms we fear
rage on,
that underneath the surface
the ocean is at rest?

Do not forget
that what we came to remember
cannot be remembered
until the storms come,
until the ships roil in the trough,
until we stand on the buckling decks
and are forced to find in our soul
the calm
that deep ocean always knows.

About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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