Poem: Fallen Feathers

Fallen Feathers

I don’t want to know
about your perfect hair,
your shiny sword of truth,
your clarity.
When you speak,
I hear nothing.

I am too busy looking
for tear streaks and grime,
arms weary
from dragging around your knicked sword
still warm
from the heat of effort.

I do not listen
when someone quips
about letting go of attachment,
unless they have lost everything
they never wanted to let go of.

I am too busy relishing the gifts
that all my attachments
brought me
and I dwell in a land that I treasure.

I turn the other way
when you say it should be effortless,
as easy as flying free.

For even birds in the limitless sky
do not simply glide,
to earn their freedom.
I have heard their wings
beat against the wind
and I have seen their heads bobbing
as they climbed against gravity.

Do not seek to end your suffering.
There is more freedom
in gathering up your fallen feathers
and offering them up to God,
than you will ever have,
from trying to keep them all.

About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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5 Responses to Poem: Fallen Feathers

  1. I am intrigued that this poem acknowledges and clearly illustrates the inevitable “pain” we suffer in this life and yet there is a peaceful sense of acceptance. Intuitively I get that it speaks to someone close while whispering gently to those who have ears and eyes to hear and see. In the duality of life and death there is suffering that should be experienced because it’s how we grow and meet Truth in it’s many forms always shining the same light.

    Emotionally, the most important thing to me was being moved from pain to joy more like on a swing than a sea-saw. You created and presented a consistent feeling of being carried back and forth in a soothing, rhythm of melancholic self revelation that is raw and bold. I appreciate the simplicity of imagery and the power of “I” being used to both anchor and project perspective. I read this with a sense of being the giver and the receiver of this message simultaneously. At first, I imagined it being spoken, father to child and then in the most basic relationship; friend to friend when I realized it’s appropriate to any combination of roles, I found it easy to read and digest on many levels within myself.

    The last few lines however, presented an interesting thought to consider. “…..Do not seek to end your suffering…” Instead, seek “Freedom in gathering and offering”…….Wow! Who would really have thought a feather could carry so much weight? BTW, “…..then you will ever have should be “than”. Otherwise, this is one of your BEST. I appreciate you sharing.


  2. addpresence says:

    Besides raising children, there is no fuller experience a poet can have “than” having someone completely grasp what is being expressed through the poem. Thank you! And also, my proofreading continues to decline! Thanks for catching that wayward “then” and replacing it with the correct “than”. peace-Me


  3. Very very nice, wow. Thanks.


  4. addpresence says:

    Glad you two liked it…thanks!


  5. tealas says:

    Reblogged this on The Stream of Life and commented:
    I have had 24 hours of loosing dreams and situations dear to me. Gone. This poem speaks for me today…


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