Poem: Upon the Body of Earth

Upon The Body of Earth

When it moves through me
I am not me.
When it sees through me
I can no longer see.

The oasis of self
long lived upon an apron of desert
becomes sunstruck,
leaving nothing but scattered grains of sand
with the lingering memory
of humanity.

The empty blue sky
answers by example,
leads by faith,
and questions my existence…
asking me how much nothing
I can live with.

You know that nothingness is no longer an idea,
when it comes out in words you can’t form.
Emptiness is no longer a concept,
when it bends your spine with exultation.
Fortitude equals complete surrender,
when the lack of choice is paramount.

The wave of what we are doing here
the undertow drags and builds
undulations crescendo
and recede,
this human form
carried to a far shore…
castaway of love,
for all that we do,
have done,
will do yet.

There are some energetic awakenings that no one would consciously want.   You’ll know you are having a really deep one when it doesn’t feel flowery.  Though everyone alive is in the process of having their Kundalini awakened to one degree or another…those who have gone through the full blown aspects need extra care and support.  This poem is dedicated in compassion to beloved clients, friends and friends I have not yet met who are undergoing the intense process of a spontaneous kundalini awakening.  This was written after laying naked upon the Earth today, in the woods, with the waves moving through me…which is to say “normal”.

About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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One Response to Poem: Upon the Body of Earth

  1. Justin says:

    I think I have had an energetic awakening like the ones you mentioned. It was so intense that I think my mind convinced me not to repeat the grounding exercise that made it happen. The passage through my spiritual blocks is right in front of me, but I am still having some avoidance issues.


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