Poem: Terra Incognita



The ocean
will never know
and has never felt
how its existence
is ice age glacier melt
tumbled mountain stream
moisture from an angry cloud’s dream
and the outpouring of countless delta.

the awe
that would eclipse
all forgotten aeons
were the ocean
uniquely sentient.

She would love the moon
once she awakened
to how moved
she had always been by her.
That moment alone
would send
tidal waves of vibration
to shake the planet.

Ah yes,
to imagine such
elegance, power and grace
….self aware.

She would know
no islands, nor continent.
dry cresting peaks and plateau’s
jutting from the back
of the deep valley’s
upon which her
very own belly

What will be when we awaken?
What coalesces
when untold lineages
from every continent poured
into each of us
become self aware?
What tears will flow,
what joy will dance,
what will be celebrated
and will we learn to make peace
with the paradox
of the unknown…?
for, to become a self,
experiencing formlessness
becomes Terra Incognita.
And to become awakened,
experiencing self
becomes Terra Incognita.

the awe…
of self aware humanity…

About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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