Poem: Wherever You May Find It

Wherever You May Find It (written in 2010?)

I lifted the spear
readied for the hunt
and went after

God stopped me by the gate
and said,
“Do not seek it in another.”

And I replied,
“Then how will I ever have it?”

And he said,
“Protect innocence
wherever you may find it.”

Since I wrote down this account of what happened to me when this message came my way, it has been going deeper and deeper into my heart.  Recently someone asked me for a bunch of my poems for an art project they are doing.  Then I came across this poem of mine after having not read it for at least a year.  My experience of it is very different now than when I last read it.

What comes through so clearly for me in this latest reading is the question of whom we may be protecting innocence from.  Who attacks innocence so that innocence would need protection…what is this menace?

It is like protecting a tree in the forest from the trees that are larger.  Both of them need sunlight but one is in a better position.  The other cannot grow while the other thrives.  The wasp is caught in the spider web…who do you save?

Who attacks the innocent?….the innocent do.

Unprotected and unseen innocence…given time without such love…becomes blind hate, becomes angry at the world for not seeing or caring enough.

Who hurts the innocent?  The innocent many who have given up on their own.   And so it goes…

And for me, all I can say is what was offered to me.  I protect innocence wherever I find it.  Primarily through the healing work, offering people that long awaited glimpse or reminder of their innocence, regardless of what they have done in this life.

About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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