Poem: Headwaters

The river is before you

mind seeks the headwaters


heart washes downstream.

The river is before you

mind carried downstream

understanding gone…but

heart finds headwaters.

With our minds we will never experience what is in our heart.  The source of the great love, the river, that is all around cannot be touched by the hand of the mind.  Even if your understanding allows you to see it, it will be like having a gloved hand for as close as you will come to the direct experience.  The love that is you, will only be an experience for you in those moments when you are not seeking to know the source any longer.  When you are not looking the river will appear to flood the banks and you will appear to be newly up to your chest in the swim.  But all that is happening is that the appearance of separation has relaxed.  This is why you can see the headwaters with your mind…but the more you do that the less your heart can feel.  This is why the less your mind is involved the more you feel the river all around you…the river is the headwaters…there is no other place to seek.  Right where you are, in each moment, is river, is headwaters, is love.  And just because you can’t see it or feel it, doesn’t mean you are separate from it.  You are just having the experience of separation for reasons we only get to know about later.  When you look back, it will make sense.

I like that. That with seeking when the mind seeks awakening or the Source it is like following a river to the headwaters.  Lots of great metaphor in there.  We do not find peace with just being in the river.  We want understanding.  We seek.  When we do, the mind can tell the heart that we have arrived.  Seeing becomes believing.  And with seekers, this is also when the heart is almost the farthest from being open…when understanding thrives.

Then there are those times when the river is enough.  When the mind is so relaxed somehow and there we are, not caring about the headwaters, not seeking.  And then, the river and the search are no longer externalized.  The river, we feel, is what we are. The headwaters, flow from the inside out.  The heart is open and the mind has washed itself clean of needing to understand.

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Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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