Poem: Parity


Feel for
the Onondaga flow
the way the tribe
brings what’s on
the other side
to the places where
the long houses rest.

The way of the shaman
is to move heaven
through their column
and to be born
at the same time.

The hidden life
of trees
are roots reaching for deep,
and branches reaching for sun
high above red loam low
skyward looms what is below
the double life of trees
that few of us know.

Can we borrow
from their barkish furrow
what it means
to have an underworld
and a sky?
Will we see the way
to balance the way
the trees have for millenia
or will the language of the shaman
be spoken
into an empty longhouse?

Did you know that the language
was meant to come
from your mouth?

When you speak the Onondaga flow
your Shaman’s heart are the roots,
your spoken word are the branches and leaves
that spread the truth
into the sky of another day.

And the seed?
The seed was planted
on the day you were born.

About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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2 Responses to Poem: Parity

  1. Charlie, even tho I read this weeks ago (lifetimes?) for some reason I opened it and re-read it this morning and am deeply moved. The flow. we are mostly liquid systems, we humans, and the trees are pathways of flow, solidified so that the liquid can rise to the sky and penetrate deeply into earth. Our name, Adair, means ‘of the oak’, because roots of oak mirror below what is seen above, just like the photo. The flow into form follows the yearnings of life. Tree is witness to this yearning of ours as it expresses its own. There is a reason we live in the forest.
    Peter would like to send you a copy of his Earth Story Calendar. Where to send it?


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