Poem: Quixotic

I have no defense
my truth is offense
and yours
my lament
for I am here without you
because  you can’t see
you are here with me.

Oh troubled waters we ply
you work the oars
I look to the sky
you fight the wars
and mumble the lie
that sends me over the side
to the relief of open water
gladly carried by the tide
me, only me, by my side…

How do I reconcile
my invisibility
amidst windmill minded
Quixote has become angry
and reckless.
I see the machete gleam
and see me seen
as an unmade path
to assuage another’s aching…
yet, the heart of another’s darkness,
is not within me…
And so…When they charge ‘gainst  me
do I pull my finger from the dike?
Raise my arm to ward the strike?

for I have seen it,
Insanity floats.
And I Love myself now beyond striking distance…

I Loved myself with each step away.

Loved my turned back.

Loved the way I rescued
from someone who cannot
rescue themselves.
Loved myself away from the starving
for whom external conflict
is sustenance.

Truth is a wayward way
a swishy sideways sway
a minute to minute
day by day
breath to breath play
that has led me to mouthfuls
of nothing to say…

About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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One Response to Poem: Quixotic

  1. tealas says:

    There is the germ of truth
    In each lie
    When viewed with
    A paradoxical eye

    The anger holds the door way
    To a gift from God to God
    When you don’t walk away
    Seeing through the view
    Of “At the same time” today

    At The Same Time

    You want me to explain how
    I am enlightened?
    I want you to explain to me
    how you are not!

    You are standing there laden with stardust
    and the breath of life
    sustaining every miraculous cell
    and a heart that just won’t stop
    and you wonder if I am special?

    You walk around inhabiting landscapes of love
    and loss
    and can actually talk about either…
    you talk with a mouth
    that changes the vibration of the very planet.
    Have you heard your words lately,
    and noticed how they reflect
    a deeper truth?

    You extend warmth and friendship
    to others around you
    maybe not
    but either way your heart
    adorns and alters the quilt
    we all contribute to
    and it hangs on the wall
    of eternity.

    Your hands
    have held hands
    actually held another’s hand,
    can’t you still feel it?….
    soft and warm
    what a day that was!

    Your gaze
    has held the gaze of another
    actually looked into another’s eyes
    and lived to recall it.
    And there was color
    and a waiting smile
    for both of you.

    You have parents
    that no one else will ever have
    children that will have no other parents
    not ever, not ever will these exact
    relationships be repeated.
    Can you feel the press of time
    inking you with the stamp
    of uniqueness?

    You may have had siblings that no one else
    will ever grow up with, fight with,
    spend summers with, stick up for one another with….
    even if forgotten, it will never happen again
    such a rare thing is this miracle.

    You are the only you that exists
    in the infinite universe
    and you alone travel
    with yourself, wherever you are
    for as long as you are ‘here’
    and oh what journeys
    what tremendous interplay
    of light and dark
    sweet and sour
    heart and mind.

    Love what you have done here
    appreciate that your existence
    is crucial to complete our universe
    that literally, the universe as it is
    is only as it is, because you exist
    and you won’t care
    which one of us is enlightened
    because in that moment
    you will know, that we both are
    that everyone is-at the same time.
    -Charlie Morris 17Jan2010


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