Poem: The Oath

The Oath

We swore the oath
to take to the walls
with ladders and rope
with heart and hope
to fall into love
on the other side.

We swore the oath
to break down the door
shouldering, striking
feet grating the floor
seeking purchase
while empty hands
push to solve the mystery.

We swore the oath
to fly
into all the small spaces
of the big unknown
wingtips touching
cloud brushed smiles.

We swore an oath
to meet in the forest
so I could see what you see
when you look at the trees
and you could feel what I feel
on top of the mountain.

Where are you?
I found myself mysteriously
on the other side of the wall
the door opened with my empty hands
as soon as I approached it
my wings are singing with wind
clouds warm and cool do I float through
indiscriminate fullness
is here
among the trees
and mountains…
you are not here…
in a body I can find.

It is like you shattered
on the day the world was made
and every piece of you
went into existence
at the same time.

You are not here with me…
You are everywhere…everything,


I miss you all day long
even as we are together.

My humanity sees a shattered oath…
my indomitable spirit knows
it was broken in order to be kept…
and here we are
united in what we swore to do,

in how this human heart,

wanted it to happen.

About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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2 Responses to Poem: The Oath

  1. zahid says:



  2. zahid says:

    ….the am-ness….dominates


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