Poem: Orphan Flight

(pic is mine)

She tipped up her wing,
caught the wind,
into light,
gently tumbled
through the Empty
swiftly glided
into the Full great sky.

As harmless
as the single
white smokey
in the midst of blue summer…
not unlike
the message bottle
dropped by an orphan
off the side of a cruiseship
with no known ports of call.
In the captain’s cabin
prayers were overheard
for a trip-ending storm.

No animal walks
without earning thirst,
and no human
can say
that they live at the oasis.
Not one of us hasn’t prayed to go…
Not one of us hasn’t prayed to stay…

What I am wondering
is if your orphan shipside
reads, “Peace at all costs”.

What I am wondering is
if you would fly back
to help us, if you could?
And if you are reading this…
I’ll know that you have.

About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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3 Responses to Poem: Orphan Flight

  1. kspurgin says:



  2. Love this. I’m going to read it at my Free-Form Yoga class on Saturday. (I think you would love this class; it’s the most fun thing I’ve ever done in the way of ‘teaching’).


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