Poem: Time of Kings and Queens

I arrived in the time of Kings
and Queens,
when the whole world
was theirs
but they played the fool
they would not sit
upon the throne
they jestered
in the court of heaven
and dreamed about hell
and gave God
different names
to tell themselves
when they prayed.

And this time,
was no different
than any other.

Always Kings and Queens
always angry
without a kingdom
frenzied with the scent of royalty
from a rose that remains hidden
for a lifetime
on Earth,
but for a second

I am among them now,
even now,
enrobed, enthralled,
raptured…and my loneliness
fills the keep, and lands.
The throne bears my weight,
my hand lifts the rose,
the kingdom blossoms
in plain sight….

Why won’t they sit?
The rest of them…
what test do they wait for?
How arrogant is this of me…
to presume that I see what
they do not?
Is it arrogant to see
a room with enough thrones
for everyone…?

Take your seat beloveds,
it is right here,
it is right…everywhere.
Why won’t you sit?

It is a question I ask
when I forget,
that the thrones are still warm
from the last time.
I can feel it,
from the last time…
when you sat there
and watched me
wondering why I would not sit…

Back when you were born
in the time of Kings and Queens…
When it was your turn to watch
and wonder
why you were so alone
on the throne
of dying
before you died.

About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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