Poem: Blessed Harmony

Original Pic taken by me.  Neighborhood deer.

Original Pic taken by me. Neighborhood deer.

This is a poem incorporated into a recent blog posting that you can read in context HERE.

The deepest thing in you…
there are things I experience
right there
and I speak in fractions
I divide the truth
as if the whole
will unmake you,
don’t try to understand
just fall in love with what you hear
and I have loved well.
I don’t know what else
I am here for…

…anymore, just love.

Hearing you say that you see it
the same
drives me into a corner
riddled with graffiti reading;
“they don’t see it”.
But I wish you did
just like I did.
So many notes are there
written in my hand
I have visited often.

Seeking a partner
is nostalgia in motion
is a prayer for recompense
for the departed company
of the world
I once shared
with the majority.
It is a task for hope.
But I see now
it is most likely because
I love hope
and not because
partnership exists for me.

The bloom is off this rose
the rare spring color
has lost glory earned
in being the only one.
As long as it’s a color no one sees
in themselves
and looking at me
gives them no color
…why look like this at all?

I dream of blossoming alone
in a copse of forest
where only forest creatures
with them, I carry no expectation.
to be me, knowing
it stirred no inner revolt…in another,
I would smile at baby deer
wink at flowers
and wait for Fall
resting in the peace
of having disturbed
no one’s peace.

I dream of a world
where someone like me
would have no effect
on anotherĀ  human being
so closely aligned would we all be
just harmony, blessed harmony.

About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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