Poetry: Scalar

photo courtesy of Hubble

photo courtesy of Hubble

Why are you reaching
towards the end of a circle…
when your hands
will just end up behind you?

I climbed a mountain
to discover
that the higher I went
that there was always less of it.
And upon the summit…

Even the wind
has more intimates
than this barren apex,
this conclusion beginning,
this atmosphere.

When you feel
creational fabric forming
and see the deconstruction,
vibrating with necessity-
and sparkling with inevitability
there is joy to see in it,
but not always joy in the seeing
of it.

For perhaps it is better to not see,
so much,
or feel such things.

I had no knowledge
that loneliness
came in powers of ten
magnitudes of order,
equating and concurrent,
with what can be felt and seen
regarding origin…

I am a bright life upon my knees,
starbright made of star stuff,
standing under a yellow sun,
from feeling,
the expansion and collapse,
of each universe
inside of each person.

Separation is scalar,
whimsically circular…
you are as far away from the universe
in another person,
as you are from your next breath…
and that truth, is the inspiration
behind what we call love.

About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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One Response to Poetry: Scalar

  1. tealas says:

    This poem had a deeper message for me today. After I received some acupuncture, my mind cleared. I could hear the words of this poem. Then I could see an underlying pattern of reaching I have. A reaching to have the freedom that seeing ‘the nothingness of everything’ brings, so I can meet life more skillfully. Oh! It was like an arrow hitting its target. Funny how the poem made that view suddenly stand out in sharp relief. It reminds me of “Children in Orbit” – that one also spoke to me many times.

    Poetry vibrational healing ❤
    Thank you


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