Poetry: The Language of Birds-Soar

The Language of Birds: Soar (Photo by Me)

When we face
the Sky
in the direction it is facing
when it exhales
it comes towards us
invisible and pressing against trees
even if only a breeze
treading across the tippy tops
of lake water praying to become
cresting tops…
the enlightenment of a once glassy surface.
Sky’s breath beats upon the wings of our pride.

We will not be here, while it always will…is this true?

And when we look down into
the long fetch
and see only the marching
backs of waves
stacked in formation
while the trees lost leaves
join their rank and file
we are peering into the invisible.
The space that inhales
and draws in all that is behind us.
It pulls it around us
and away,
like thick clothing shorn from our bodies
like a thousand coats
worn and divested every blurry second
lulling us with a sense of “surround”
buffeting us about with a sense of “taken”.

We are not pulled in, but we watch it all go.

All that greets us,
shall one day
take its leave.
Borne on the wind,
it will say goodbye…
and then circle the globe
to once again say ‘hi’.

Does it give,
does it take,
does it save,
does it make…us stronger?
Stand there until you figure it out
is not in the language of birds.
They know that when Earth exhales
and spirit inhales…there is only one word,

About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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