Poetry: Conquest Fairy Tales

Everything slowed down
an entangled lion fell upon its side
the Nazca Lines were traced on the backs of these hands
that typed these words
for souls that drift like the Sailing Stones
of Death Valley…

The chainsaw beckons demise
from the backyard
small oasis cleaved
by clanking metal.
now gone for as long as we
are here, like this.

Is it this world that makes fools of us
or do we arrive that way?
Our mantras could be
“Why live in Peace…when we can Fight for it?”…
“Why live in Paradise…when we can Build one?”
“Why live with less when you can…when you can simply have More?”

My daughter said to me this very morning
“But how do you love the world the way you do?”
What I didn’t tell her
is that sometimes it feels wrong
to see the love in so much wrong…
sometimes I wish this wasn’t 
humanity’s love story…
a neverending rendition of bittersweet…
notes that cry out for hearing.

Lately the fires of Dresden
burn brightly in my mind.
Conquistadores running
down a narrowed Aztec footpath
with unslaked thirst give me pause.
The calm of an early morning in Hiroshima
haunts me.
When remembered well
some stories never end.

How will we be remembered…
these generations of industry?

That is what I tell her…my daughter…
that even when you can’t change all the conquest fairy tales
to remember something true…
love what easily can be loved right now.


About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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