Poetry: How

It is not about the space you hold
it is in how you hold the space that you have…
when you are left with what remains
instead of what you dreamed.
The outlines of cherished things
show the boundary,
that you are in the center of.

It is not in what you offer
but in how you offer it
amidst the sediment and strata
at the heart of metamorphic processes
there is a diamond, and marbled beauties…
You are not the only one offering them.
Now find out how to offer that.

Hafiz doesn’t live here…
he wouldn’t write the way he did
if he saw a single night…
so remember
to go easy on yourself,
when joy does not become you.

It is not in what you say,
it is how you say it.
If you want your words to reach
the center of a human heart,
you must write from one.
How will you get there?
Keep writing until you throb
with the pulse.

Those that love our “how”
always reflect our now.
Depth equals depth,
measure for measure,
but all the leagues
must be satisfied,
for the ocean cannot be half full.

Wrest from God,
what you still have to do
and if your arms aren’t tired…
then friend…you ain’t done yet.

If you have total bliss at all times,
enjoy it until it burns
a hole in the counterfeit currency
it was printed on.

How you love
is the ten thousand steps
hewn into the mountain’s side…
the direction you travel in
bears no accord to hierarchy
for you travel always
on the palm of God,
leave judgements about high and low
to those learning how to love.


About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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