Poetry: One Safe Minute

DSC_0154The wind plays the tree
like a piano,
falling leaves trace sounds
in my mind,
as certain notes remind one
of graceful departures.

I love nature’s gentle side,
when things happen in peace time.
Your heart has beat about 8 times
since you started reading this poem…
and no ill befell you in that time,
did you notice?

The oceans soaked the sands of the Earth
that you live on and have receded by now…
but here comes the next wave…
can you see it from where you are?
No matter when this is read,
here it comes.  Are you still here…
with these words I wrote so long ago?
Will you tell me, in when I am now,
when that wave gets there?

And you are funny
because you thought time travel
was an illusion.
40 heart beats…and about 5 breaths now.
Rest, this is one of those easy moments.
Breathe, nothing awful has happened since the beginning of this poem.
You know that person you love an awful lot?
Whisper their  name and give thanks while you can.

Feel your eyes,
upon these words,
or these words,
upon your ears as they are read to you.
Still here? 
It’s been a minute now…one safe minute.
Anytime you need one, come on back.
This moment will be waiting as long as these words exist.

(If you know anyone who could use one safe minute, share this post with them.  Pic is mine taken last summer.)

About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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