Poetry: Even God

You don’t need to
but you will.
To keep it from getting into your veins
you’d rather die,
and become somebody.
Because nobody here
really knows what to do with a nobody.
And when you get to the end
—that’s when you shall see
that it was the same
as needing to.

To preserve the bright thing
alive within you
yes, wrap it inside
of where no one is looking for it,
tuck it safely where no man of faith
would dare to look.
For throughout all of history
are not all the holiest objects hidden
for their own protection?
Whom among your fellows
would expect a treasure in you…
let alone the discovery
that what they see in you…is in them?

Where does the universe hide
when it doesn’t want to be
the universe?
Where does divine go to seek rest?
We are the place where divinity dreams…
and awakens.
It always has been so,
always will be so,
Some wake up, some fall asleep,
and like any good dance
then we all trade places.
This is the tale that can’t be unseen.

If you see all of this…
you may want to hide,
you don’t need to
but you will
and that is the same as needing to
because even God
needs a place to sleep…





About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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2 Responses to Poetry: Even God

  1. Oh, Charlie, this is so poignant. Touches me deeply.


  2. tealas says:

    This poem reminds me of something you wrote to me long ago!

    “The most wonderful thing though, about having the experience of feeling drawn in, is that recognition exists at all. Other people look at me and don’t see a thing, because the light required for recognition within them has burned out. We only recognize that which we already know, even if it is flickering-especially if we are on fire.”


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