Poetry: Only Sometimes

I did not spend this whole day
wishing I could see you again.

Not the whole day…
only sometimes.

Like the time when I first woke up
or during that time when the sun was above the horizon,
or in those moments when I was breathing.
Whenever my eyes were open?…
Yes, I suppose that must be added as well.

But that was all.

And I only missed you
In those moments
when I was standing still in silence,
or staring at the backs of my hands
or when I wondered if you were the one
knocking on the door.

So, as you can see…that really wasn’t that long.

I only recalled looking into your eyes
and seeing you smile
a time or two.
As I looked out of windows at the sky,
or when I walked with the sun on my face,
and only when I sighed
and placed my open hand on the side of my face
as if it was searching for something there…
that it never could find.

…these were the only times,
I thought of how much
I missed you today.

Truth is eternal,
…but timing is everything.

And the time will be right
when someone like you
can say something like this
to someone like me,
for anyone to hear,
without a single fear.

Now THAT is something I think about ALL the time.

About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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