Poetry: Eclipse

I sat down in the forest
to the dimming of the day.

My arms wrapped
around my knees.
Pollen fell like a robe,
like night time pajamas
as the moon struggled to reach me
through Spring’s new leaves.

A solitary bat hurtled
itself at the sky
at impossible angles
braving even the mass
of tangled branches.
Circling and weaving
cutting and clawing for the open space…
soon there were seven

They danced in the fading light,
coming together and breaking out
like gray firework streaks…
celebrating the end
of another day’s fine singing
by the birds of the day forest.

Owls opened one eye.
Deer propped up their heads
and pondered wandering about.
Insects were everywhere…a bat’s delight.
Possums considered stumbling and ambling.
Raccoons sniffed for far away morsels.
The moon grew in anticipation
of the coming eclipse.

What do we know of these things…
when we scarcely touch our own food
with our hands?
The bats dance every single night…
but if your feet never touch the earth
you likely missed the show.
If you sleep inside all the time…
the moonlight never reaches you
from outer space…and it has come so far
to do so.

Do something unexpected.
Let yourself be wild…just for one night.
Release yourself from domestication
that is the curse of habit.
Be wild, just go outside and sit
and watch…and wait
until something magical has been seen.
Be your natural self, a human,
sitting in a forest,
just listening,
just watching,
just resting.

Tuesday at 2 AM EST…total Lunar Eclipse for most of the USA will be visible.  A blood red moon.  Leave the confines of your four walled house and go experience it.


About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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One Response to Poetry: Eclipse

  1. tealas says:

    Thanks, we wouldn’t have known about the eclipse without your article. We’re going to check it out tonight 🙂


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