Poem: Driving Darkness, Pulling Light

Something lives
in between
all not being lost
and all not being won.

There are lives
with circumstances

When you can’t find
find freedom
in that.

When all is dark
then allow that darkness
is what lights your way
after all…sometimes
it’s all you have.

Run your hands
through the rough air.
Can you tie something together
that makes something stronger?
Can your heart make sense
from what your mind says
should not exist?
When you know that people
will not harm people
if this…and if that…and if perhaps…
has it occurred to you
that being cast into the dark
is how you are learning
that you will never be
one of those people?

can give birth
to a graceful heart.

When the lights cannot be seen
you must find yourself
in the center of nothing bright
and you create a center
worth finding
at that very moment…
simultaneously, in the dim unconsciousness
that largely defines
and in turn…plagues
a light flickers, sparks and jumps
into real life.

You must make of your hands
tools with which to unearth
all that you fear you have been.
You must make of your eyes
all seeing orbs with which to watch
what you have previously turned
sharply away from.
You must make of your heart
a home for this cause.

Blessed be you…the one who has suffered.
Blessed be you all the more,
for loving who has suffered.
For once you have compassion
for what you have endured,
so will you have compassion
for all others.

We humans…
we can chase the darkness from the light.
And when we do, we also drive it into
a place where before there was only light.
Reside within darkness.
Be the light you can’t see.
Tend to your own.
And if someone asks how,
tell them how.

We are never driving the darkness
away from the light.
We are calling forth the light
from the very center of the darkness.



About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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2 Responses to Poem: Driving Darkness, Pulling Light

  1. Phyllis Morris says:

    Charlie, this is, perhaps, the best poem you have ever written. Funny, but it says what has been in the back of my mind to speak with you about–only your statement is way ahead of me. You reallly have come so far. Love, Momsie


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