Poetry: Light Years

This song is by Devotchka.  “How It Ends”.  It inspired this poem…or I was about to write then chose this song…or something in between.

Hit PLAY…skip advertisement and read with music in the background.

We already
how this ends.

From a place you can’t touch
inside of your chest
hands will reach for what
can’t be owned.

From eyes that can’t see
dreams will pour forth
and fill this world with colors.

You can’t hear how it ends
but it hears your approach.
The end of each day
has a you that you were always going to become…say hello to them,
when you get there.

We know how this will end, in stillness…
but don’t ever forget how your feet ran themselves so fast
how so fleet, so much like you loved or tried to love,
so many…who ran away, or towards you.
Remember them now.

It ends without sunsets and sunrises
don’t forget that.
Don’t leave without seeing both
in every season.

How do we make a life,
before it ends…
when we feel like it’s ending
before we can begin?

We have to talk about stars.
Oh! How close they appear to be
to one another.
Fly towards them now.
Get Closer to the truth…
They do not even know one another.
Stranded in space…light years apart.

That’s us.

Light years…

from our hearts.
From one another.
From our roots.
From our natural inheritances.

How long can a human survive
being light years…from love?
It doesn’t.  It cannot.
It is perish or love.

We know how this ends.
It ends the way it began,
a striving
a lifetime of fears,
too many tears
losses lost and momentum and contraction
for the hope of one lasting certain and sure

How hard can it be?
How long might it take?

What chance could you possibly have?
You have to hold on,
because life is forcing you to see
that love is faster than the speed of light
and that distance does not exist between us
when Love is present.

We are stars
that can know
one another,
but only if
we learn to love
one another
in this dark night.

About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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One Response to Poetry: Light Years

  1. Paul Kaufman says:

    didn’t listen to the music, but love the poem ❤


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