Poetry: Strong Mythology


That which you ultimately seek
is at the end of the farthest reach
at the back of a dark cave
predatorial tales of self doubt,
and truly mortal self loathing
do rest…
they require you
to sift through them.
Be your hand as a God’s palm
pawing through the night sky,
through so much dark space
before finding the hot sun.

Learning to live with darkness
is just on the other side
of enduring
living with the light
always on…

They spin together to form
a living galaxy.

When you know you can go
no further
with the mind
and the body
that you are accustomed to
and when everything known
fails to lift you up
it pours inside of you,
from an unopened place
inside of you.

It comes to you
when you have given up
the old life for dead.
It renews the voice
when all familiar speech
falls short
of the willing tongue.
Bravery hides
in the held breath
and dies a quick death,
in time replaced
by the necessary surrender
into loving what you learn
when you have to learn
about what
is at the back of the cave.

In order to find love
what do you need?
Whatever it is,
that you have not yet

They are stars in the night
in the dark cave of the human soul,
that only appear
in the absence of light…
reach for them?—yes
but they won’t come down
for your pleasure.
Let them catch you looking at them.
Let them shine upon you.
Aids to navigation.
Something to sail a ship by.
Configurations and angles
that lead to strong mythology

Those constellations
that only you
can name.

About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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