Poetry: Soul Obstruction

What hope is there for love
upon this hardened mesa,
this sun baked
when you yourself will not do
what love asks you to do?

You are standing
underneath the sky
telling aimless lies
about who you think are…
but your thirst is the desert sand
and no point on the compass
will slake your need for direction.

The Earth that supported
the good life
you may have had
has been taken from you
by your loving predecessors.
It’s under the pavement.
It’s divided by endless fence lines.
It’s hidden behind the buildings.
It’s smothered with ignorance.

Look to your fellows
who can as yet still
a whole truth
and witness
only question marks.

You need to know
that you are lost
before you can find yourself.
So let’s settle it…
you are lost.

If you never find yourself
yet lead a loving life
it will not matter.
For even the lost
can carry matches…
so friend…
pretend everyone is a candle.
Maybe you need them to be bright
before you can see where you are.
And if so,
imagine where you would see
yourself, when you awakened?
In a loving world.

as we know it
is a discipline
of soul obstruction…
wherever civilization sets down its bootprint
you will find a foot
on the neck of love.

Finding yourself
when no one can see you
is ocean going blue water crossings…solo.
It’s the mountain top and then some…even higher.
It’s 6 feet under and deeper.
It’s a hurricane tornado with you in the middle…
no one can touch you in there.

You must learn the secret of silence,
and find your own pulse.
That human heart, the one that
will only beat for who knows how long…
what does it say to you?
Become the center of a compass.
Inward.  Interior.

Go nowhere now.
Greet who appears
when you are no longer venturing
and see the way you always are
underneath the face of the human being
you are busy being.
For the personality is like pavement.
Not being who we are in truth is truthfully
like buildings that hide us from who we can be.
Trusting fear is how the human heart comes to ruin
laced and patterned with fencelines to keep out
what can’t be controlled…
and know that all good things
and blessings
and love
are things that never can be controlled.
The world inside of us…
has and is smothering
the world outside of us
and wont’ stop
until we make peace
with what is not at peace
in the human heart.

No race of creatures
makes a society such as this
out of abiding love.

Want to venture forth and change the world?
See and love the world inside
so that we will cease projecting
what is unloved inside
on the landscape and people of the world


Note: the phrase “soul obstruction” is not from me.  My daughter came up with it.

About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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One Response to Poetry: Soul Obstruction

  1. Jenn says:

    CIVILization is a misnomer. 🙂


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