Poem: Don’t Forget to Remember to Forget

Once I threw my mala beads
into a dark forest
to sleep with the deer,
in the morning fog
I wonder about them both.

Sometimes the pages burn
before I can finish
writing the story…
and if the pages
are days
how long will I live?

I have followed men.
I have fallen in love
with too many women.
It still ends at night
with me
and my hands on my heart.

Earth shines upon the eyes
of the stars we look at.
They look up to see us,
and wonder how we can be
so far away…above their heavenly

Try talking to someone
when your words are just placeholders
for the breaks in conversation
that you know they need.
Easy now…take it slow…breathe.

This observable world
will race to be burned
when you become free
of how the observer
holds the truth

We won’t love truth
until we love
how it must remain hidden
for human experiences
to happen at all…
to have love
we can’t really have it,
the cup remains out of reach
to corporeal hands
so that spirit contained
won’t forget
how to reach.

That’s what we do here.
We forget
and remember
how to reach.

Don’t forget to remember
to forget
how to reach…
and by and by
love will return.

art d'Zee

art d’Zee

About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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One Response to Poem: Don’t Forget to Remember to Forget

  1. Sandra Khoury says:

    beautiful, thx Charlie šŸ™‚


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