Poetry: Before Humanity Prayer

When we get there…

I’ll drop it,
so dear you will have the chance
to pick it up…
and it is then that then you shall teach me
about how to hold on.

If you promise to stumble
on the path
so that I can know
where to walk
I can then show
you how to run.

Take something precious from me
If you can’t
I may not learn to fight for it…
and you may never have anyone to pray
for your redemption.

Run for the forest
and I’ll cut down the trees
play time is over
and over again.
I’ll keep up attrition
as my end of the bargain,
while you offer abundance
to the hopeless
who are wondering
which one of us, they really are.

Pray to the Earth,
and I’ll meet you,
some other lifetime,
because this time
God has my words
up there in the sky…
so this time
I promise to drive your faith
from you,
until it must grow roots to survive,
strong enough to make me doubt
black books…
but perhaps you’ll renounce it all
and climb up the resulting tree branch
to religion with me.

It won’t matter in the end.
None of it will.
But I promise you now
no matter what you do,
I’ll see you on the other side
of everything that is about to happen.
When none of what we do
hurts the other
helps the other.


About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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