Poem Repost of Fragility

Fragility (First posted June 2, 2011)

Sometimes we forget
the fragility of being here.

Sometimes we spend
our whole lives
doing nothing more
than surviving our childhood.

Sometimes we can forget
that there is more
to living
than escaping the dying.

Our fragility aches
in front of us
to be touched and seen
for the flirtatious moment
that it dresses up as:
as the hand wishing for our grasp,
as the person we had better love,
as the words we long to say,
as the sky we have not looked at,
as the poetry that must be written.

Fragility happens within the six degrees
that separates us from shivering to death
or burning to death, within the confines
of these small mortal shells,
that arise every morning
for a finite number of years,
in which we may
or may not
remember the infinite.

Fragility should occur to you,
to you especially…
because you
are the only you
that there ever will be, for all of time
and because you were, the way you were today…
tomorrow, you will be different.

Dare to speak the words
that will unlock your spirit
from the illusion of tomorrow,
say the fragile delicate emotion
that appears to you now,
with whomever you are with,
whenever you can….
embrace fragility
and discover freedom.

About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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