Poetry: Appearances

There are these quiet places
inside of us…
that become washed away.
It reminds me of a cave
with the high tide rushing in..
becomes washed away
like the ocean
we can’t see
because the sun went down
or when the water gets so deep,
all we want to do is sleep,
and dream about flight.

What could come out of my mouth
are words
that shouldn’t be here,
and realizations
that can’t abide with passersby truth
which rests inside of a sound
that never disappears,
the way the sun
has never disappeared…
at least, not yet.

When you know
that you can’t really look,
that the world’s invitation
is for something easier to live with,
one must find
a way to rest
with how things are
moving so slowly
going to keep moving
so very slowly
even as the majority
announces the victory
of speedy, inevitable freedom
which will happen any minute now…
any second now
ad infinitum now…
that forever almost “now”.

You learn to live
inside the truth
that the promised now
is all there ever has been
and has lasted for as long
as humans could have
the notion.

And so I live
in between the breaths,
amid the heartbeats
my hand feels.

And I fall in love
with the long march,
the ever long count
of rise and fall
life and death
pallor and thrall,
hiding away and giving my all
to the small

My bow is burning
in the fire
that now warms my feet…
I have loosed all the arrows.
My quiver carries dirt and ashes.
All I care about now
is peace and the chance
to remain
remarkably invisible…
in a world blindly obsessed
with appearances.


About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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3 Responses to Poetry: Appearances

  1. Sandra Khoury says:

    thank you for your amazing beautiful words Charlie…<3


  2. bobwalker1968 says:

    Thanks, Charlie.

    I look forward to each monring to see if you posted something.


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