Poetry: Spiritual Privilege

Black and white…
it’s how you can see
these letters.

draw themselves together
into swords
disguised as words.

stare at their source
and flow
in circles.

Will you do something
because it matters
very much to someone else
yet very little to you…
or will your giving hand
be mangled
in the gears
and fears of thinking
that all giving is just selfish…
that ugly machine of the mind.

Why are your greatest adventures
reminiscent of a spiritual buffet
for one?

How long will those in need
while you spend
years chasing down

If there is so much abundance
why do you require
so much

If the truth cannot be borne,
and if lack be a reality-
look under your fingernails.
When there is something underneath them
you’ll not be afraid
of limitation
any longer.

Having it all
isn’t the only truth.
It’s just the only truth
that causes this much

A life
of picture perfect bloat…
is endless
At times self love
is a boat
full of passengers
on dry land…
a ship of fools
paying a charismatic captain
for another ride.

If you have to work
really hard to stay on course
you are likely off course.

How long do those in suffering
have to wait?
When did healing your childhood traumas…
become a way to extend childhood?
A spiritually minded group
of people
too busy being in love
with just love
is traumatic to those
who need someone
to dig in deep
and sacrifice for them.

Oh you privileged many.
How nascent.
How undirtied.
Folded shirts.
Loving freedoms that only money brings…
but calling it

If you have the time
to seek your answers
have the decency
to identify yourself
as privileged…
and go  help those
who have neither the capacity
or freedom
to even imagine
what you have spent years
indulging in.

Spiritual Pilgrimage…Spiritual Privilege
easily confused…
Falling in love with beauty of you
after a lifetime of self hate…spiritual pilgrimage.
Hiding inside of a constructed reality
where all you do is love yourself
tucked away from a life of service…
is spiritual privilege…




About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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