Poetry: The Cross and Moon

The Cross and The Moon


The lingering cross
looked down
and wondered
about being free
to love everyone

It dreamed of legs,
walked down
through the churchyard
and sacrificed itself
for the sake of man…
fell into the river
so we wouldn’t have to,
fell into the river
and made of itself
a water craft.

It said if you took all our dying breaths,
it could fill the sails,
and send
our hurts into places
buried deep
in open water…consumed whole,
as if into a fire.

It offered to take all those tears,
promised to sink
from the weight
of hard living
of far too many of us.

from a tree
that had seen all the sunrises,
since before the pyramids
were dreams
of pharaohs
along the dark dappled watery side
the wiser Moon asked,
“why do you not love me as well,
nor praise me as much,
during the day, as in the night?”
And the cross said,
“I cannot see you well enough,
until it is dark.”

Understanding a higher calling
than saving…
the cross
fell upon the Earth,
and began growing back
into a tree.


About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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