Poem: Irrevocably

I reached my hand down.
Dark water threatened
unlit as it was
by the absent sun
and missing moon
I could still see
the reflection
of depth
looking back at me.

I knew that if
I toppled..
that if my boat
turned against
the oncoming waves
I’d be within
and inside
the mystery.
And unreturnable.

At this moment
I am
as of this writing
irrevocably human,
by virtue of this body.

My proof?
These words.
and these words.

This body is my agreement
with what became unseen to me
as soon as I moved inside of it…
now a boat
whereupon I float
upon capricious oceanic
Beautiful and terrible
rogue wave ridden

I float irrevocably
just a little
just enough
to be too much
to not notice
that a little
can be an awful

Gaze over boat’s edge
trace fingers along
a place I cannot reenter
this lifetime.
I find myself
in between…
cusping and rasping
against things
better loved as secrets
and fictions by most.

And by those who
swear by the spiritual titles
I have held
I seem to hold no familiarity
rather an opposite polarity
an orientation
that I can’t seem to unfix
a north star that appears
to not appear
except for me
guides my path
along the trackless
the timeless
ever renewing
life flow.

this ocean
will not cease
to move
to be
dark and light
benevolent and malevolent
capricious and kind.
And mankind will cling.

I will float.

Not separate but apart.
Not free or unburdened
but asharpened and weighted.
Afloat in how humanity
and spirituality
have mixed
and blended
in this one life
of mine.

About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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