Poetry: Icarus Practices

The reason I can’t speak
is written in between the lines
of your life
in both directions.

When I look at you
I am always looking at Icarus
And the sun.

Maybe someday
Maybe every day
Maybe tomorrow
I’ll just watch
Instead of speaking,
Would that be the freedom
I believe it may be?
Or just my own
and waxen wings?

It’s closer than you are meant to know,
until you do.
It’s so clear
that it can hide
in front of you.

It’s further away
so much further away
than a reasonable mind would place it
that  your heart would break
like a wave
and all hope
would subsume and be reabsorbed
by the ocean
as if it had never been…
and so we necessarily
see what we need to see
instead of the truth.

the map from here to there is too large for the mind
to see.

When you are the most certain
you will in fact be
the most in error.
The candle is not only burning at both ends…
your life is lofted on waxen wings
that you crafted in heaven
and throw into the sun
and over

This life
is always the part
where you don’t ever get
how much you don’t get
until you do…
and then it isn’t the same life
that others call
at all.


About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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