Poetry: Firefly

Telling the truth
is an act of defiance
like the way a shaft of light
disturbs darkness.

A field is my mind
and full of summer fireflies
like realizations
like lightning fast
and when I don’t share them right then
they come later
but in a different color.
They keep saying
“to share this, is also your path”
How could I manage to forget
what with all this reminding?
In my life, it seems to be
when it comes to fireflies.
Prettiest reminders
I ever saw.

I have wrestled with it.
Finding myself pinned
with a pointed truth
about my location.

I am where the way
a person has been
I tend to show up
at the time
where the best
and worst
will collide…
catalyst and observer
but not wanting
either role.

I am a borrowed
observation point
that moves
to where a person
needs to see from.

I am a place
that too many things
try to flow through
for a believable personality
to thrive…within.
All those truths
take up the place
where a personality
normally rests,
creating a state of
non motion
doing that does nothingness
love that simply materializes
for the worst of what we do here.

For the most part…
We are meant to be
who we believe ourselves to be.
That personality is meant
to remain seated.
There are some people
who are only good
in short doses.
Forgive them for their
their amiable sociability,
their affable smile
and trite conversation.
Their light hearted
and temporary boundary
might be their way
of saying that they love you
just as you are…
and that not seeing into you
can be
the kindest thing
that they can offer you.

And yet…to them
you are a firefly
on a summer night.

About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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