Poetry: This Experience

This experience threatens
impoverishes them
and exposes them as
but caricatures.
If a word has the ability
of conveyance,
this experience
flows around the words
at the speed of blithe
with the force of a thousand sunsets
or the meeting of a hundred artists’ work
on a single canvas
held aloft as a kite…
you’ll never see it clearly
from down here.

No one will.
Except for you.
When it’s yours to see.
And you have only judged yourself
as not worthy
through the might of necessity…
for you have seen it as many times
as I have.
You have felt the unseparateness
of this existence
equally measured to everyone
you have ever met.

It’s posited…
that after we go from here
we are in an in between place
between lives.
Here is the in between life though.
Here is where the temporary is.
This is where we come
in between the real.
This is where we only recall
what our real nature is
in fleeting flashes
and seek to build here
what copies what is there…
which made here will never stand.

This is the impermanent state.
This is the dreamland.
This is the place where you sharpen
what has become dull
in your unchallengeable condition.
This is the gathering place of angels,
who have grown weary with ease.

Being alive, is the hardest part, of existing.
But being able to Feel Alive and literally Be Alive
in a body,
is…before we come here…a blessing,
when seen from the other side.


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  1. Paul Kaufman says:

    I like: “This is the gathering place of angels who have grown weary with ease.” ❤


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