Poem: Love Repeats

keep repeating.
Our future lives
a canvas
for the past.
Who will help us
choose differently…
place a different
on this palette?

on the radio
engendering familiarity…
We already know
what’s going to be said…
where the person is going to stand
when the conversation ends
and when you’ll see them again…
where is the freedom in knowing
that seekers hope to gain?

You need to ponder enlightenment
as it really happens…

Because Emergence

is not so hidden
in the word
True emergence
is an emergency
if you want to vibrate
at the speed
of a shared reality.
If you are having
one of those lives
where Everything emerges
you’ll be on the beach
at low tide
and see all the rocks…
you’ll feel the insides of leaves on trees
instead of seeing them…
and the heart of loved ones
inside of a challenge
from across a continent.

There’s freedom in loving yourself,
but not in enlightenment.
It’s more like this…
Before enlightenment
learn to love yourself.
After enlightenment…
learn to love yourself.

It all repeats.
Are you a Psychic
or just watching reruns?
It all repeats.
isn’t about what you want to see
or say
or do.
It’s an experience of being
connected to love in a way
that you can’t stop experiencing.

Love repeats.

It isn’t that you emerge from the dream.
That’s the ego’s dream.
That’s a lullaby the mind sings to the mind.
The real world emerges
as you stand watch.
The stars appear in the night sky.
The real of everything drops invisibility
and nakedness becomes all around you.
People aren’t people any longer…the crowd
Each person becomes sharpened
as each path
acutely challenges
you to see them…
without your appearing to do so.

And that’s really the part about
that no one really shares
there aren’t many to share it with.

It’s why…when you must be silent
you are glad
that love repeats.
It holds you
No matter what you see
it’s always there.
Even when
you don’t want it…
love repeats.

Everything natural
is cyclical…ending and renewing

Real love


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