Poem: Two

She dances
for someone
who dances
for someone.
All these people,
that someone
is in the lead,
that someone
started the music.

But the person
who hears
can listen to
what is being heard
by the person
they are listening
and it won’t stop there,

What will we do
when to follow
everything about us
is no longer true?
What if all we know
is sheep
and cows?
What if a green pasture
is sublime under the sun?
What if
after a life of cold care
and brown sky
honesty wants to lay down
and die
right there in the heart
of your land?

The care of our familiars
oh the care
of our familiars
is a promise of birth
the same as breath
the same as our skin…
it’s supposed to be,
supposed to be

We all know about
love that anchors
through storms
but the other kind…
a love that will
to make you beg
for a tempest
to break that chain

Some love
makes us pray
for a grand demise
over a cheap lie.

When the liar loves you
but loves lying so much
that love is blind
you’ve got
to mind
the life bind
to your truth.

Because in every way
that counts…
it will be your life
or theirs.

You’ve only got
the one
and they

About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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