Poetry: Silence

If you look closely
at the way it is connected,
you won’t see a connection point.
You’ll see too many to count.
You’ll see how a human life
is the stone thrown into the lake,
and the ripples reaching the shore.

The interval between the surface waves,
changes the path of a butterfly.
The way a person speaks to another
leads that person to a conclusion
that determines
the underlying intent
of their very next interaction.

A sensate hurricane
is the human mind,
a honeycomb of thought,
a swarm of energy,
a pulsing branding burn
that says where it is,
yet reaches for what is next-always.

Where are we in this midst of this?
In the traps of the hot pavement,
in the shrill tall structures,
always near something with a motor,
knowing only
what we keep repeating
to ourselves…
where are we, in this?


We are
the Silence.

About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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