Redefining Kundalini


Kundalini (Sanskrit kuṇḍalinī, कुण्डलिनी, pronunciation (help. · info), “coiled one”), in yogic theory, is a primal energy, or shakti, located at the base of the spine. Different spiritual traditions teach methods of “awakening” kundalini for the purpose of reaching spiritual enlightenment.

If you go to other websites for Kundalini or K, it will say the same thing usually.  What is similar to all the descriptions is that it is described as being located in a specific place…it is described as being dormant.  And finally it is something that can be awakened to make it move from the specific location and unlock from dormancy, changing forever the life of the person in whose body this has occurred.

To review:

-base of spine
-can be awakened

In as few words as possible I’d like to dispel all of that and be the guy that says the world isn’t flat.  Because these views of K, are old.  Not only are they old, they are incorrect.

Kundalini doesn’t rest at the base of the spine.  It doesn’t lay dormant.  It cannot be awakened.

Here is what is true instead.

Awakening is an evolutionary process which is a “meant to be” event…just like falling and breaking your leg, or marrying a certain person, or finding yourself in a certain place at the time when something happens.  And if you see what I am saying there…you are always in a certain place at a certain when something is happening.

Think of like this, life is an evolutionary process.  All of it, not just some of it.  A kundalini awakening is no more evolutionary or special or critical than anything else one may find themselves doing.

If someone prays really hard for it to rain, and it rains, they will conclude that they made it rain.  But what about the fellow down the street on the same day, who left their umbrella at home and prayed it would not rain?  They will conclude the opposite.

Timing is out of our hands.  K cannot be awakened on purpose.  But if your intention aligns with the timing of an awakening experience you will not be able to tell the difference and thus will believe you made it so.

For something to be dormant, to even use the word “dormant” implies the arrival of the opposite.  We use the word dormant because for spiritually minded people a belief that awakening is the path, dormancy based thinking is a prayer for hope.  If it is dormant then there is the conclusion that it will awaken and can awaken.  K isn’t dormant.  How could it be?  It is like saying that X-Rays or gamma rays are dormant…or that sunlight is dormant when the moon is in the night sky.  It is never dormant, it is just that at night, it is not shining on you.  Most people alive on Earth will never experience a K awakening, only what I call K experiences.  People who want a full awakening will not like this idea and that’s important to take note of.  Because there isn’t a hierarchy…but only those who have had a full awakening will understand that fully.  The mind sees a difference, the heart does not.  Both are equally valuable.

K energy isn’t located in the body.  Separateness, as an experience of the human condition necessitates a means for us to communicate how we experience things.  We must explain things as being inside of us or outside of us.  As separateness falters, when the sight opens, there isn’t a place inside of your body that isn’t connected and literally an open space… to all the rest of open space.

It takes a leap of seeing to get there.  But the reasons things like “dormant” and “base of the spine” and “awakening” don’t actually apply at all is because these words only exist as a way to grasp separateness.  When separateness from others, from the living energies all around us, from the world of spirit, is all you are currently experiencing, these definitions are only the beginnings.  But just as someone once said that Earth is not the center of the universe…and that the world is not flat…it is that huge of a leap out of how we have  come to understand awakenings.

Becoming one with everything = the only definition of awakening you will ever need to know.  And it happens slowly for some, quickly for others.  It is tidal.  It comes and goes.

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