Even If Only

The sages are sleeping
dust covered wisdom
is happily dreaming
off in the distance
someone is leaning
into a wind that’s loudly keening
for them to lay down
and just start screaming.

The music
is so hard to hear
all of these hearts
all muddled with fear
stumbling around like
light struck deer
sound travels from afar
and into my ear
whispers that something
needed is near.

Nothing can buy
your way into
what is always free.
Your whole life
is required…
the toll
for this crossing
this, life-time
of living
is the only way in.

It might take
everything you have,
which might be the only way
to discover
everything you have.
Without staring
into the great empty
you’ll not know.
And if that hasn’t
if you haven’t been flattened
by that wind,
then let me tell you something…
you haven’t felt a thing, not yet
but I’ll bet
you still know what I mean.

Winter is only cruel
when you want Spring
to last year round.
It’s only when the circle
is broken
that you forget these things.
The wants you want
don’t even want to be wanted,
they want to graze
and be left alone.
They want to be
an unridden horse
without fences.
Is your life not enough…
that you must take the lives
of things that aren’t yours to keep?

And after all of your visits here
how do you not yet know?

The truth
is that a truth
is something that repeats.
Truth is always a circle.
The truth is that we are
on a circular path
to come here
and do this,
until we at least
can see or feel
that the circles we make
have sharp corners.
Waking up means
doing your utmost
to round them.
Waking up means
to be able
to help others
even if only
by breathing.

About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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