Make, Believe, Love

The moment is defined
by what I can’t repair.
The wishes I long for
hang in the air
where no one can touch them.

We both watch
them fall.

are just people
you once lived with.

people die
and keep living
and you are
the only one
who knows the difference.

Nobody chooses
to live a lie.
Remember that
on all the mornings
that you tell yourself
how you are going
to turn your life around
as you continue to share
breakfast with your demons…
feed them
starve you.

What do you do
when someone you love
only believes that
they love you?
Do you inform them?
What if
someone knows
how to mimic lovingness
but doesn’t know
that they don’t know
what love is?
What if that’s all they’ve got?
How long will you allow them
to pretend
by pretending
that it feels good?
How long will
all that hollow
sound fill your ears
while you act like
it’s music?
How many years
pretending apogee
is perigee?
Make believe
is real, after a while…
we eventually “make”
what isn’t real.

All I know for sure
is that if you stay close
to them,
you sign your name
alongside of theirs
and join the game.

that their love
is in any form
what you ever
dreamt of,
when really
it’s what you prayed
it would never be.


About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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One Response to Make, Believe, Love

  1. storyland99 says:

    It’s when your seeing (dropping in) is months or years ahead of theirs that it gets really confusing. When you see (know) what is possible because it’s already happened and they are still living through the preliminaries as if it hasn’t. When you see that their love is so much more than they even know and you wait for them to find the courage to fall in. Then it’s not so much about their love being make believe but rather their fear being more dense than they can see through.


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