What we call time
isn’t located
on a line.
Birds don’t
have a need
to name the wind
but it carries them…

Time is every
all the time.
is now.
you are right
where you are.

Suffering happens
when our eyes
can’t cast into the future
far enough to see our past.
When the mind can’t live
anywhen but now
we’re in  lostspace
and for many that is
the last place
their heart will ever see you
A mirror shows
what is in front of it
and behind you,
so look at you now,
time traveler,
high flying twoplacer.

Whynow is what matters
most though.
It’s in the slowflow
and in the fastgo
it’s in the darkestbrights
you’ll ever know.
Open up to the heartshow
and you just might
begin to glow.

Lost is but a moment.
Found is temporary.
Thriving happens
when surviving
Sinking isn’t diving,
swimming is floating,
the soulspace
knows that you’ll mindblank…
silly you,
forgot that you were here
to forget-yes.

Without the big stopremember
no find-yourself
ever- is.
And the only lasting
is that which we really are.
Not an idea.
Not a belief.
Not man made.

We are…that is all.

And it’s enough
when you are mindfree…

About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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