Love is a place you can’t leave

It’s a place where most of us will not live, only visit.  There is a reality there, like a foreign country.  A different language is spoken.  When you settle in there, and act like the locals, you will find yourself relaxing, wondering why you try so hard to be what you try to be, when back where you came from.  You’ll want to stay forever.  Sometimes things happen to us though when we are flung into this place, and we can’t leave.

I am speaking about love.  The kind of love that means something different than what we’ve all been told love is.  Love can be a feeling. But more than that love is a literal reality.  Love is what one experiences when the transpersonal is a direct experience.

Love is.  And it’s that simple.  But we don’t experience it simply, when the mind is how we perceive the world.  The mind literally can’t see love, can’t allow you to live from love.

The mind is a construct that has one purpose, to protect us from how it feels when love appears to fail us.  The mind is a “just in case” guardian against the things that happen while we are here.

But in the case of certain intense spiritual awakenings this guardian fails us.  The mind falls away and true love is revealed.  Love for the self, against all odds, against all the weight of what we have done beforehand, surfaces for the first real time.

In protecting us from how it may feel when love appears that it may fail us, so too does the mind protect us from not just external forces…but internally as well.  The mind keeps from us our deepest self loathing, self doubt.

Thus in the context of intense awakening do we also run into all the loosened ghosts of the past, guilt, shame, mania, fear, self doubt.

One outcome of spiritual awakening, kundalini crisis, can be the potential to be flung into a place that you can’t leave..a place where love for everything and fear of everything may come to live side by side for a time.  We can experience love.  When we do there is a way to know that it is real.  It will feel like the hands that have always been carrying you.

Blatant self love is something that most live in fear of.  After an intense awakening, the opposite may become true.  Self love becomes the norm.  Cherishing your path like a flower is the norm.  And by extension, you’ll know that love is real when you can’t help but feel your love extending towards all things, in every direction.

Love is a place you can’t leave.

About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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