7th Chakra Teaching and Living



The source of spiritual inquiry is the 7th Chakra.  And since the spiritual search is undertaken from that place, 7th Chakra people are naturally attracted to those who are living and experiencing primarily from that place.  What does “that place” mean?  It means that the 7th chakra has a literal vibration, just as any chakra does, and it has a frequency.  Same seeks same.

What one does though when they live from the 7th chakra is that by and large, 1-6, are dis-integrated.  Not disintegrated as in, broken apart…but dis-integrated as literally not integrated.  7th chakra perceiving, is like talking through clouds.  It’s given over to what some call higher consciousness.  Without the “lower” chakras engaged and aligned though what you get is what I refer to as “awakened knowing” or “conscious awareness”.  People who live like this are charismatic, there will be a palpable, vibrational reality to how calming it is to be in their presence.

Here is the key though to grasp well…it will feel the same as being with someone who is integrated.

But one of these people are not as they appear to be.  The other doesn’t care how they appear to be to you.

7th chakra, like an island, is cut off from the mainland.  People are lost there.  Especially it is worth mentioning that for the Western minds, it is almost a guarantee that this is where  the spirit will go to reside, to escape, to create a refuge away from all the rest of the things that smack of humanity.  This is where “freedom from emotions” kind of thinking comes into being.  It’s why Shambhala Sun (the magazine) just changed their title to Lion’s Roar. 7th chakra thinking is what happens when you perceive that all your needs will not be met, and it hurts too much, and you must find a way to escape.  There isn’t a better place to hide either…if one judges based upon how good it feels, to always focus on how to just feel good all the time…or at least to strive to.

When you hit any of the topics that strike at chakras 1-6, you will see these kinds of people spiritually buckle at the knees.  When triggered they rapidly descend into places that surprise them, and those that follow them.  The most compassionate thing to consider is that they aren’t willingly trapped in their 7th chakra…if they are stuck there, it’s because other options are currently closed.  When I hear of someone who meditates constantly from a place inside where they feel compelled to do so…not because meditation naturally comes to them…I know I am hearing of someone who is hiding there.  People will tell the story “he had meditated daily for 30 years, I don’t know how he could be so quick to anger”…to me, it is a natural conclusion to a lifestyle of necessary obfuscation.  If one must choose to meditate…to focus constantly in order to remain at peace…all that really says is that there never was peace.  Balance never happened.  Meditation is only real when it seeks you out.  You don’t do “it”…it does “you”.  So it is with the 7th chakra.  If you are “there” because you sought it out, it won’t last.  You will have to fight to stay there.

When you see a magazine like Lion’s Roar (formerly Shambhala Sun) with a cover story titled “Freedom from Difficult Emotions”…it lets you know where so many people are hoping to get to on their path…

My contention in writing this is to mention to those who are desperately seeking an opening to their 7th chakra…to live in bliss, to have peace at all times, that it is a falsehood.  The only life you will experience that is full, wide and deep is the one that has difficult emotions.  We create things…a lot of things.  Things you can hold.  Things that do other things.  Technology.  Spirituality isn’t technology.  Access to 7th chakra insights only gives you insights.

Understanding is empty.  It can’t do anything loving.  Knowing more doesn’t lead to the heart.  Living in the heart, feels the way that living in the 7th chakra advertises.

No one believes it until they land in the heart though.  Because landing in the heart can’t be studied, or manufactured or created.  You get there slowly.  Painfully.  You can’t walk in there with your hands full of gold.  You get there by being close to the most difficult things.  You have to watch wonderful things being pulled from your hands.

A 7th chakra person doesn’t and won’t know that this is where they are residing.  To them, they will be certain that they are in the heart center.  You will feel their charisma, but pay attention…you won’t feel their warmth.  It isn’t there.  That’s why I like to say that no one who lives there actually wants to be there.  It’s like a place that you get relegated to, but then you convince yourself, for survival’s sake, that it is a palace.  A prison palace for sure…but to the prisoner, the walls are beautiful.  They have to be, they had better be, because it’s going to be a long stay.

Only things can be taught.  But love must be felt.  I am writing this now, which is proof of my breath.  But if you are reading this now, it is only proof that I once lived and that you still do.  That space between us, the thing that drew me to write…and what drew you to read…that’s love.  That’s connection.  That’s the mystery that we will always only know the smallest parts of, while in a  body.  Love isn’t about what you know, thankfully.  Love is about what you feel.

I’d trade a meal with 100 ecstatically charismatic teachers for one meal with one child who clearly feels how much they are loved and nurtured.

Love is all that matters…and 7th chakra centered individuals aren’t talking about love from experience, it’s just what they are certain they are experiencing, and therefore, certain that they are qualified to “share”.

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3 Responses to 7th Chakra Teaching and Living

  1. storyland99 says:

    Oh yeah, baby! This is fantastic. I have no idea where the 7th chakra is or what it represents (I’m going to google it now), but I recognize the truth of this nonetheless. Thank you for articulating this so clearly, describing something I’ve always noticed but didn’t have the terminology to name.


  2. bobwalker1968 says:

    Thanks Charlie.

    I spend a lot of time wishing for the 7th chakra and even stay there sometimes.

    A few years ago I had and energy experience where it felt like my crown opened or did something. It felt like an enormous jet engine thrusting energy down the top of my head to my heart where it just bounced off. It did not crack open my heart as I was bracing for and hoping it would do the work for me.

    Now I feel I’m being slowly tortured and taught to surrender. Lots of energy around my heart. I do not feel like a warm person. Too much in my head still but working on it. I think my awakening started in my crown with the realization I’m not my thoughts I’m the awareness. But that just let me stick my toe in the pool. Still trying to jump in.

    Hope you and your family are well. 🙂

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