What I Miss Most

What I miss most
are the things
that never happened.
The conversations
that never had words.
The looks
that never got traded.
Hands that never held.
That sweet inviolable
sense of safety
where no one is
to take
a thing
away from you.

Live in a world
feeling safe
your normal…do that for me,
because I can’t.

This lump of clay
won’t take shape
into the life
I was to give
The potters are firing up
the kiln
but our lives are
spinning still
spinning, and the wheel
is whispering
in circles
about impermanence,
whispering to me
relational entropy
and sovereignty
requires a velocity
a ferocity
when it comes to

I must take the form of
what I miss
the most,
at all times,
for now,
lest we forget
why we missed
what we missed.
For to forget that
is to repeat it forever.

And I’d rather feel
what I miss most
about the life we never had
than doom my children
to have a life
with what they miss most
in decades to come.



About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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