Essay: Violence, Laws and Money

A law exists, presumably, because humankind is not, on the whole, capable of harmonious self rule.  So, laws are made, hopefully, by those that are capable of making choices that lead to self rule that is peaceful.

Conversely, a law prohibits self rule, which stands in the way of anyone learning how to achieve the ability to self regulate the very things that laws are in place to prevent.

We are a paradoxical species.

Without free will, without the chance to self regulate, how does anyone have the chance to learn?  Without laws, how is anyone safe enough to ever have the chance to learn and grow?

Without the rule of law, we experience what is inside of each person, for better or for worse.

Laws prevent violence, laws create violent pushback.
Laws create safety for those that “have”, laws remove safety for those who are underserved by laws-the “have nots”.

The way we have formed the world is still based upon self interest.  Laws are not universally applied.

Money is a law.  Money creates a system whereby people must have money to acquire things needed to survive…but only because we have forgotten how, or don’t have the land or resources to…build, farm, cook, or create our own food, water and shelter.  Everything is for sale.  Money, as a law, also allows people to own what isn’t theirs.  Having more money shouldn’t mean…having more of what other people need for their survival, so that we can just have more of what we want.  But somehow, people don’t really want that to see this…at least not those with money.

Without money, as a law, would people share?  The way we have been brought up, as a species, perhaps not.  If you removed money as a barrier to resources right now…how many would share?  How few would not hoard and keep from others?

We are a paradoxical species.

Money and Law…without them we would not have gotten this “far”.  With them we have stripped away self rule and autonomy.  Hiding behind money and laws as the normal way of living, we have pursued wantonly all over the planet and now flirt with mass extinction.  With them them we have protected the majority from the minority…as in..there are far fewer who wish to harm others or take from others…than those who clearly wish for peace and harmony.

As long as the people of the planet are all connected, by technology, by transportation…we will need laws and money until we run into the hardest commodity of all to acquire.  Love.

And right now money and law are not connected with love.  “The way of the world” in terms of trade agreements and labor distribution and resource allocation…it does not follow the rule of love, it only serves those that have the majority of the money and the lawmakers.

Human nature is a fear based nature.  Fear makes us come from a place that makes laws necessary.  Fear makes us create systems of economy because without love as an abiding force in our lives we cannot see how people would choose to share resources…so we continue to settle for buying and selling.  Owning and earning money has been so ingrained in us that it feels as natural as breathing.  But it isn’t natural at all.  It’s actually antithetical to a loving or prospering society.  Don’t believe me…look around.  Watch the news.  It’s becoming hard to ignore the truth.  What we are doing, is running its full course.

If love is present, laws are unnecessary.

If violence is present, we will only have more laws.

More laws mean more fear.

More fear means more violence.

Love deescalates all of it.

Love is the only thing that can stop what we are seeing on the news every single day. Love is the only reason someone chooses to stop hurting other people.  With enough love, laws and money aren’t needed.

The measure of how much love is flowing through a species, such as humanity, is how many laws are no longer needed…and how few people need money any longer before choosing to exchange freely.

My point is that if you need laws and money…it’s already a bit too late.

If those two things are in place, it’s already something to worry about.

It isn’t that we just need the right laws, or the right amount of money distributed.

We need people to love one another and themselves.

It may not be that a society actually based on that has yet to exist…we have that then to look forward to.  But if we don’t start doing something different, it won’t happen.




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