God’s Trap

When you are afraid
that you have nothing to say
it’s another way to say
how much you wish
it would all
just go

When you are certain
and speak with strength
you are like Hammurabi
forgetting that he too
looked into a future
he wouldn’t
be there for.

When you are too weak
to even pray
just enough of you remaining
to breathe and lay
others somewhere
are praying for you
and that’s okay.

When you are silent
because silence
is what comes out of you
and not what you put
into you

It’s a God’s trap.
It’s a nameless map,
an ever widening gap,
a strong hand’s slap.
Wake up
wake up.
Sleep now
rest forever.
Crash and trip
over mountains
into the seas,
fly your flight
fight your fight
rest upon the breeze.

When you wake up
you are going to forget.
When you forget
you are destined to awaken.
The God’s trap…?
a corner
on the sphere
of existence.
Voyage back
to the start
and then start
on your voyage
to the start
welcome yourself
into the God’s trap
the playland
of mortality
the graceland
of humanity.
Breathe in the paradox
exhale dichotomy
set the metronome
and wait.
Legions have come and gone,
armadas have sailed and sunk
but even the water clocks
continued their drip drop
and today’s clocks tick tock
as we make gravel from a big rock
the mountain we are standing on…
to pave the trail
to the top.

About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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