Count Your Blessings

I’m calling you out
cuz you got nuthin’
but the wind to thank
for what you got.
Head held high?
Just because you were born
to the wind tribe?
Just how hard did you work…
to be born in the right place?

Fortune blows in your direction,
who’s gonna think twice
about how now
it’s all in your pocket,
but it’s round your neck too
like a locket
heavy like an albatross,
sailing to nowhere
seas as still as moss
guilty feelings
become your boss.

You count your blessings
like you countin’ money
walk on air
like you made outta honey
God don’t mind how much you got
long as you share it around
and I can see that your not.

If you got so much
that you can make a list
if you living so big
that you never seen a fist
I can tell you now
it comes around somehow
if you have enough going right
countin’ blessings every night
then you got enough to share
and someone’s keepin’ track
so make it look good
for when you both look back.

People are like wounds
and sometimes blessings
are the only kinds of dressings
that can heal that kind of hurt,
broken windows
cut the hands
that reach out
from derelict houses
for something you leave laying around
like a toy
you think  will still be there
but some folks just struggle for food
like the way that you borrow
money you don’t own
for things no one has ever needed.

When you fall asleep
for the last time
What words
will be your first
when you get
Counting your blessings
about how much you had?…
or hearing the thanks
for how much
you gave?

Because if you have enough to count
you’ve got enough
to give.
And as far as I can tell
that’s how we’re supposed to live.

About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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