Grand Veils

I brave the ridicule
of the talented
and share the fate
of the wise…
lean over on the inside
like the aged,
my heart is a crutch
and it bears the way
I have lived,

These bodies
are but pages
that hold words…
these words-
only ideas…
and yet a whole life
lived from them
fills a book
with our name on the spine.

All these ideas
oust the truth
until the death of ideas
resurrects all that is real.
That Lazarus moment
strikes down knowing.
thank god.
Knowing, thinking, guessing,
nothing but three random stars
in a night sky
while what is really you
is blackness
that isn’t darkness
nor black
just expanse without end.

We make what we want
because we want.
But what of love?
It can’t be made.
It must, on the whole,
be discovered,
and all that we make
from want
hides from us
what we would love,
will we let wanting die
long enough to allow
life to live?
Oh what grand veils
have we but made
this time.





About skymeetingtheground

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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